It’s Monday…

Tonight is going to be a short one.  I’m laid up.  What started as a migraine turned into neck thing. I actually crawled into bed at 8:45 and haven’t moved since.   In fact if you see any glaring errors, it’s likely autocorrect from blogging on my phone.  Seriously, isn’t technology awesome?!

My planned blog post will be shelved for later in the week because I have to tell you how awesome my husband is.

While laid up and unable to do anything, he took the dogs out, did the dishes, brought up my nightly medication with water, plugged in my phones (personal and work) and made sure I was ok.

Now I know none of this is romantic love, but it’s the pure love that I see.  He didn’t have to do any of it.  In fact, he could have just let me get my medicine and plugged in my phones when I was good and ready.  But he did this for me.  He put my needs ahead of his.

Isn’t he great?


PS – for those keeping track of my 10 minute challenge, I walked all last week (through today) with the exception of Friday and Saturday because of the rain.  And I’m feeling good about it!