What’s in a Month?

January 1 is usually the day we all start fresh, making ourselves better people. So I started my health journey with weight being my #1 focus. Having struggled all my life, I found something that I thought would work for me. You saw my first week posts and some small updates since. Let me tell you, it’s working!

In December, I remember talking to my health coach. I remember giving her my credit card and turning to my incredibly supportive husband and said “I think I just made the first step in changing my life.” It was such a BIG statement for me. I’ve dieted so many times in the past that I feel like this is the one area of my life where I am a failure. It’s such a hard thing to say aloud, not to mention admit to myself. F-A-I-L-U-R-E. I’ve gotten to that almost 30 pound mark and something always happens. Maybe I lose motivation. Maybe it’s fear. I won’t psychoanalyze this now, but you see where the mind goes.

So I started this journey. After day two, I was so insanely skeptical. I was hungry. I was grumpy. I was sick. My coach was on the phone with me every day telling me to hang in there. I remember fighting back and complaining. How she didn’t dump me right then is a testiment to her dedication. I was practically (well, in my head), trying to make adjustments to what I thought was best. She persisted. “Your taste buds will change.”, “Give it at least two weeks.”, “The first week is the hardest!”

And on Day 4, it did. Suddenly the foods I was eating weren’t so bad. I was feeling full. My daily check-ins shifted to twice a week. I was doing this. Coach told me that it was ok if I wasn’t perfect, but I was honestly amazed that I was doing it! Coach K told me early on that the most honest I can be with her, the better my results (I could lie, but that doesn’t hurt her!). OMG. She’s so right. Almost like my personal therapist at times! Week 1: Down 9.6 pounds.

Week 2 was easier. I figured out my plan, and how to work it correctly. The bars I was eating are “tiny”. Yet I find myself surprised that it keeps me full. Oh, there were definite foods on the “gross” list, but thank goodness for returns! LOL.

Week 3 and 4 turned into day 30 and 31. By that point, I was down 18 pound. One Eight. I look at the scale on weigh in day and am amazed. My coach doesn’t take enough credit for the support she gives me. She said that I’m the one doing the work. Well, she’s right, but she is my go-to for all things food.

At lunch today, we went to IHOP. It was hubby’s breakfast after working overnight. I very easily ignored the pancakes, the hash browns and watched Miss M and Hubby eat regularly. I saw the food as carbs and sugar and ate my steak tips and eggs sans carbs or sugar happily. It’s quite amazing how much I’ve changed. It’s a mental thing. I finally feel like I can succeed this time. I will be a success.

So in one month, I’ve lost 18 pounds and gone down a size. My pants were too big on me after two weeks. Thank goodness for hubby ordering the wrong size two months ago. I’ve washed the next size pants and have them on standby. It’s great when I wake up and feel like something has changed.

I have a long way to go. I’m not doing it for anyone but me. I’m excited. I’m hopeful. I’m DETERMINED. I shared my initial success on my personal facebook page. I was amazed at the over 50 comments and over 100 reactions. Part of me expected the reactions, but not the comments. Heartfelt and genuine. From all of the many stages of my life – grade school, high school, college, work. Family, friends and acquaintances. The support pushes me forward. Once, I would have done this for them. Today, I still focus on me. I have my week-to-week goals for myself. (Don’t F-it up as one past boss used to say).

I don’t write this for the praise. I write this because it’s my journey… and it’s my blog so why not be completely honest? But for anyone to read this and feel any similarities, I hope I can give them a crutch to push them forward.